Event Hosted in London November 2016

K P K Chief  Minister’s visit to UK November 2016

The Chairman welcomed the Chief Minister of KPK Province and his Trade Delegation, His Excellency the Pakistan High Commissioner and Members and Guests to the PBBC luncheon.

The Chairman briefly introduced PBBC explaining that PBBC had been set up by Tony Blair and President Musharraf in 2003 with both the Pakistan and UK Governments committing to support PBBC in developing its remit to develop bilateral trade between the two countries. The Chairman reported that he and the executive team had recently been

elected and that much work had been done to lay the groundwork for developing the profile and membership of PBBC.

Specifically in recent weeks since the election much work had been done to develop and enfore relationships with partners and stakeholders. These stakeholders include: The British High Commission in Pakistan, UKTI/DIT Scottish Government and Scottish DI. The British Business Council (“BBC”) The Pakistan High Commission (“PHC”)British Expertise DFID. The Commonwealth Enterprise and Invesment Council (“CWEIC”

The Chairman pointed out that PBBC‟s prime objective was to establish cohesion and cooperation with all stakeholders and partners so that all parties worked together in developing bilateral trade and investment rather than working independently and in completion